Sunday, December 1, 2013

Summer Time Recap!

Hello Again,
Tonight the snow is on the ground and the winds are biting something fierce. So, what better time to stay indoors and write a little about my summer vacation, right? I thought so too. I had taken a small hiatus from writing blog posts, but now I’m back. I’m hoping to be a little more faithful to the blog, fingers crossed. This summer we had a family vacation to British Columbia(sans Shawn :(). The trip was Fantastic! To be honest, I was a little relieved to say the least. Six Pittmans (and one Perry) on a road trip for two weeks is a bit iffy. All that umm … personality (yeah, that’s it) pent-up into two vehicles for two weeks, well, to say I was apprehensive is an understatement. However, to the pleasant surprise of all of us travellers, the trip was WONDERFUL! We had such a lovely time visiting the beautiful province of BC. Together. After the trip was over I kind of missed seeing everyone everyday (well sort of ;)). 

BC is so great and offers so much to its visitors. Some of the highlights were; breathtaking scenery, fresh fish, pirate ship tours of the harbour, Ice wine, cherry picking, museums, Chinese gardens, winding roads, salt sea air, Emily Carr, goats on a roof (look it up), Italian restaurants, and fresh fruit. That is just a few of the joys that BC offers. I’d recommend for anyone to visit there, definitely worth it. We got to see quite a bit of the province, all of it was lovely, but if I had to choose a favourite spot it would be Victoria. I have plans to return there, someday. Seeing BC with the family? … Well … that only made it that much better. Goodbye summer you were great! Hurry back now, ya hear! 

A Thought to Make You Smile:
Christmas is coming!
Almost Blue by: Chet Baker.

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