Thursday, May 31, 2012

Coral and Lace!

Hello everybody,

Hope you are all having a great week. I am! Seems the week is rushing by and that makes me happy. ALWAYS looking forward to the weekend. Well, this is a rare midweek post. Seems I get more time on the weekends to post, rather then midweek. However, this week I have found the time. This is my second fashion post. I was feeling confident with my outfit, so I got the chance to snap a few photos last Sunday. With the help of my photographer mother, we managed to get some decent photos.

Coral seems to be one of the trending colors of the year, and just my luck, it happens to be one of my favorite colors. It's also the color of the dress I chose for this blog post. I found this great dress during my travels last year in Europe. I got the chance to hit up Evans (they ship internationally, if you can't get there) one of my favorite stores for GREAT plus size fashion. Check them out!

 The following photos are hilarious (well to me anyways) because it looks like I'm either eating or shoving the flowers up my nose. Neither of which are true, but it does make for funny photo fails!

Not only do I love the color of this dress, but I'm also in love with the lace detail. Lace, another hot number this season, gives a feminine air to the dress, one that I've always been drawn to. Attention to detail, no matter how large or small seems to be a sell point for me. 

 I teamed the dress with black leggings and shrug. I like coral and black together, and I like the extra coverage I get form the leggings. The dress is a little shorter then most I wear, I liked the combo.

These shoes are another gem from my Euro trip, last summer. I think Kristina (my travel buddy) and I pushed the limits on shoe purchases. I believe a whopping eighteen pairs between us, pretty good for one suitcase each! I love the lace ups and side cut outs on these flats.I also like the grittiness of the shoe, much more "street" then the dress.The juxtaposition of, the grit of the shoe and the sweet of the dress bring a nice contrast to the outfit. 

Another plus of this dress is the lace and gather around the bust line, very flattering. The dress I mean, hehehe!

Lastly, the dress is covered in a layer of chiffon. Chiffon gives any dress a lovely fluidity. The material is very forgiving of most body imperfections. The color, attention to detail, and feminine touches makes this one of the favorite pieces in my closet! 


Well, thanks for reading. Have a great week or whats left of it, and have a greater weekend. Looking forward to mine! and the possibility of another post?

Shrug: Old Navy
Dress: Evans
Leggings: Addition Elle
Shoes: Evans


Catch the wind by: Donovan

A thought to make you smile:

A great song, that you had forgotten about, is playing on the radio!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hand Painted Oxfords/Saddles!

Hello y'all,

Well this week’s project was a fun one, one I’ve wanted to do for a long time now. I’m painting canvas shoes!!! I have always loved Oxford/Saddle style shoes. When shoe shopping, they always seem to catch my eye. One day while browsing the Net I found a great pair that had been hand painted. I thought they were the cutest things and said to myself “self, you can do this!” So, I ran to Wal-Mart ,a while ago, and picked up a cheap pair of white canvas shoes. Next , I dug out some of my oil paints. I spent some time, one afternoon, doing the base coat for the shoes. When the base had dried, I applied a design to the shoes. I was very happy with the end result. I’m definitely going to try this again, go a little bit funkier, and not play it so safe next time. Although, having a shoe that can match just about everything, is a good thing too!

“A man cannot make a pair of shoes rightly unless he do it in a devout manner.”
-Thomas Carlyle

Here is the process broken down: First remove the laces and tags from the shoes.

Second, choose the color you want for the base. I chose black paint for the white shoes, I wanted a strong contrast. I also used oil paint, because I felt it would hold up to the elements. Be aware if you use oil paint, it will take longer to dry. If you want them for a particular event paint them well in advance.

Thirdly, after the black paint had dried. I added white hearts. I had originally thought to paint dots but changed my mind last minute.To create the hearts, paint two dots side by side and connect them with a point at the bottom.

The shoes turned out so cute. There were a few careless smudges during the process, but the mistakes make it more ... ME. Looking forward to painting the next pair of shoes and finding the right outfit to wear with these!!!
Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed the weekend!

I don't want you to come round here by: Rod Stewart
A thought to make you smile:
A long call from an old friend!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunshine and sundresses!

Why hello,
   Today was so beautiful, the sun was shining and warm. The wind was low and the perfect temp. It was a great day to be living in the Peace. The weather has been great here these past few days and that means I’m busting out the summer clothes!!! After church today, all the family went out for dinner. After dinner Jon and Karla went home to put Nate to bed, he was a little tired. Mom, Dad, and I went for a drive; we stopped to get a few shots along the way for this post. Big thanks to the both of them for their photography skills. This is the first fashion post for my blog, and a sundress seemed to be just the thing. Got to be honest, it’s a little weird having a photo shoot and posting photos of yourself … but, a little fun too! I’m no fashion expert, but I do love to shop and I like to look my best.  I guess the point of this fashion post is to give some info about the plus size clothing stores where I love to shop. Also, to share some tips about what to wear to flatter all your curves!
"A woman without curves is like jeans without pockets. You don't know where to put your hands."
 -  Italian Proverb

My brother Jon just spent a week in PEI, he accompanied a student to the science fair nationals. While he was there he found this cool little vintage shop. The store also sold locally made jewellery. He picked out this awesome piece for me. I LOVE it! The necklace is very dramatic. I wanted to pair it with something a little simpler. My white sundress was it. The open neckline of the dress also gave the necklace the room it needed. I love it when my accessories dictate my outfit.

The dress is five years old, but I still love it as much now, as the day I bought it. A white, cotton, sundress never goes out of style. The dress is A line dress, very flattering to any shape, especially, if you are heaver on the bottom. I like the length of the dress, just below the knee. The leggings brought the tones of the necklace down into the outfit.

I love my cardigan, it’s a new piece I bought for the summer. The button detail on the sleeve was a sell point for me.Its Kelly green gives the outfit just the hit of colour it needed. I finished off the look with the perfect pair of flats, white with Kelly green trim and polka dots. I think this outfit came together nicely!!
The photographers!

Cardigan: Jessica London
Dress: Addition Elle
Leggings: b & lu
Flats: walmart
Necklace: Gift

Fumbling towards Ecstasy By: Sarah McLachlan
A Thought to Make You Smile:
Late night picnics!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Glenmary graduation 2012

Hello there,

   Well, it was a big weekend here in the Peace country. The Glenmary graduation was this weekend past.

   Friday started with a three thirty sound check, and quick practice followed. We ran out to get food for the choir around five. Then we all had a quick bite, and mass started at seven. I got home around quarter after nine. Mass was lovely, all the songs came together and the students and families seemed to have enjoyed it. All the practicing had paid off. Saturday was the next big thing: Graduation day!

It was an early rise on Saturday. I had promised to do the hair and makeup of one young student. I was a little nervous that I would screw it up, but we were both pleased with the end result. She looked lovely. I did a simple, pinned curl, up do. For her make-up, I kept it simple: soft, smoky eye in neutral colours. Again, she looked lovely. We choose brown accessories to accent her coral gown. Great color combo!

After the ceremonies I was invited to my friend’s house for her daughter’s graduation BBQ. What a great time we had. She was so beautiful and grown. It’s crazy to think it’s been almost four years since I moved here and started working at the school. I’ve been blessed to have such great friends around me, friends that make you feel like a part of their family!

I woke up early this morning and started to get ready for mother’s day. The family went to church,I stayed home and cooked dinner. On the menu was: Sesame and honey chicken served over jasmine rice, accompanied by brussel sprouts and sweet corn. It turned out very tasty. I would never call myself a master in the kitchen but I guess practice makes … better?

I set the table with some extra care today. I wanted things to look wonderful for two very deserving mothers, my mother and my sister in law. After dinner was under control, I got ready, and waited for my family to return home from church. Dad had bought some roses for mom, always a beautiful center piece. I also picked up some cute cupcakes for desert! (Which my nephew covered himself in – so cute) It was great to spend some time together as a family! I’m so blessed to have the mother that I do! Here is a great quote for that special mother in your life!

“Oh, the comfort, the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person, having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but pouring them all out, just as they are, chaff and grain together, certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping, and with a breath of kindness blow the rest away.” ~Dinah Craik

Here’s wishing you all a relaxed and peaceful week!


Your Protector by: Fleet Foxes

A Thought To Make You Smile:

Watching your nephew cover himself in his chocolate cupcake while both of you giggle the whole time!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Gallery Wall!!!

Hello again,
   Hope you’ve all had a great weekend! I did, had a BBQ with friends, did some yard sailing, and got a chance to watch The Avengers.  The movie was action packed , had lots of eye candy, and a couple of good laughs . I have to say it was a fantastic movie! It was also a pretty fantastic weekend!

   I also got the chance to finish off my Gallery wall this weekend. It’s kind of been a work in progress. Actually, it’s been a long progress (hahaha) but it is now completed. I have to say I LOVE it, it turned out wonderful! I’ll just fill you in on the process, in case you are thinking of doing one for yourself!

   My first step was to get as many frames as I could. To maintain cohesion, I made the decision to look only for frames that were red, dark wood, or a frame that could be stained or spray painted. I found all but two at yard sales and flea markets. The large round one, I bought at a local store. I loved it as soon as I saw it, and knew it would be the focal point for the wall. The long rectangle shaped one, I had for a few years, and just swapped out the photos to fit the theme of my wall … FAMILY

   Second step, after I had gathered the frames, was to research different gallery walls and find which combination I liked best. I found a couple of layouts that I liked and used them for guide lines. However, the layout I choose was a result of me playing around with the frames until I found how they best worked together. Laying them out on your bed is a great place to do that.

   I then traced each frame onto large sheets of paper, cut them out, and adhered them to the wall with tape. The paper cutouts allow you to move them around and find the right layout/measurements without damaging your walls with extra holes. If you are planing on doing a gallery wall, this is one of the best tips and worth the extra effort.

   I placed a measuring line a little further down then the center of the wall. I wanted to work upward with the arrangment of the frames. After I had arranged the frames how I wanted them, I nailed the nails in place. Now, there was a clean, easy grid to hang the frames from.

   I had to stain and spray paint a few of the frames to match the color scheme. Then all that remained was choosing the photos. It's really up to you which photos/theme you choose.I love candid photos, so they were the majority of the photos chosen. There was one professional session with the family, I arranged those into one multi photo frame.

 I finished off the gallery wall with a decorative tree and I'm going to add a wall quote about family when I get a chance to buy one. I am extremely pleased with the gallery wall, and wish you the best of luck with yours (should you try one).

Hope you all have a great week!

Curse of the Currents by: Said the Whale.

A Thought to Make You Smile:
The smell of smoke on your clothes after a camp fire.
(well, that makes me smile anyway!)